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Southern Star Tattoo hosts Ponce Fest and this year Wild in Love Tintype was excited to be a part of it. Local vendors and bands come to the Southern Star parking lot and MJQ to mingle and market their goods. It was so fun to be a part of it. The tattooers at Southern Star were making tattoos, there was delicious food and beverages available all day. Thank you to Eric Thrice and Southern Star Tattoo for inviting me! Can’t wait to come back.

Ponce Fest Tintypes

One of my favorite things about tintypes is how unique each of them are and this pop-up was no exception. Since we were outside and in the shade, they are a little more ethereal than when we are inside, but I love them just the same. Each one is different but equally special.

Unique Tintype Portraits

Thank you to everyone who came out to get a tintype! Your support truly means so much to me. My favorite parts of the day are getting to connect with people who are excited about tintypes like I am. Thanks for letting me share my passion with you!

Southern Star Tattoo

One of the owners of Southern Star Tattoo, Eric Thrice and his lady Ashley. Thank you so much for the support to all of the owners; Eric Thrice, Demian Bouchon, and Bill Conner. Southern Star Tattoo started at this location on Ponce De Leon Ave but now they have another location in Little Five Points. Both locations are in the heart of my old neighborhood. I’ve always loved how eclectic the neighborhoods Poncey-Highlands and Little Five Points history has been. While change is happening, it’s still holding on to that colorful spirit. Go get tattooed by them or any of the other talented artists.

Find out more information about the tintypes that I offer here. This fall of 2022 I’ll be at lots of pop-ups and markets throughout Atlanta’s local businesses. I am so excited to see you at one of them! Please sign up to my email list to get the announcements of where I’ll be first.

There were so many talented vendors here. I didn’t get to chat with as many as I had hoped, but it seemed like everyone was busy all day which is great news for us. The ones that I did get to connect with were so nice and welcoming.

Diablerie ATL – providing delicious food all day
Wilde Autumn Apothecary
Kelly’s Death Pickles
Sweet Sophia Hoops
Vintage Vannety
Forge and Foraged
Firestar Hot Sauce
Fever Collective